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2 case histories of illness treated by Qigong

Texte de Alexei Goncharenko
"2 case histories of illness treated by Qigong"
Authors(s): Comrade Ming Zhen
Source: The Qigong boom, No. 1 (2006) p. 69-78
Published by: Benjamin Penny and Xiaoyang Zhu.

This article is one of many published in the book '' The Qigong Boom'', which was  written and edited by authors Benjamin Penny and Xiaoyang Zhu. Associate professor Benjamin Penny studied at the Universities of Sydney, Cambridge, Peking and the ANU, and held a post-doctoral fellowship also at ANU before moving to the Humanities Research Centre. He published many articles in different books touching on East-Asian history. This article was written by Comrade Ming Zhen about how Qigong has healed patients by witnessing personally the works of Qigong master Yan Xin. The cases have been fully verified and the content has been checked several times. There were supposed to be 14 cases in total presented, but in this article two are given to demonstrate the deep healing and utilization of Qigong on the human body.

The first case is actually treated by the mind as witnessed by Ming Zhen. The patient was an elderly 84 year old revolutionary who sits in a wheel chair and a has a lung problem. He is required to use a nose tube in order to ease his breathing process. The doctor stated that there is a relationship between memory and life span. As long as the memory is effective, the person's life span will be able to live on more years. He relates the Qigong to the memory, because a good memory means the illness will be treated effectively. The most significant fact that is mentioned in this case by Dr Yan, is that in order to treat illness with Qigong, one must have the right frame of mind at the outset, and optimism is the prime weapon to be used in this sort of treatment. Subsequently, when he visits the elderly man a second time, he reformulates his philosophy by repeating that it is truly the mind that should be improved when treating a disease. If the thoughts of a person are negative, he will have difficulty fighting the disease. After the departure, the elderly man used less of his oxygen tube and breathed better than before . 
In the other case, a 3 year month child who was treated by a shaman with a superstitious method was going to die in the next days. This child had to be healed by Dr Yan, because due the superstitious method involving a piece of gold wrapped in red cloth. After giving back the gift to the family of the child, Dr Yan strictly forbids the Shaman to accept gifts when treating illness, because it is illegal in China to use superstitious methods to swindle people out of their money. If she would to treat ollness then she will have to abide by Dr Yan's rules and do it out of pure heart.
In conclusion it is of great importance that the mind play an important role in the treatment of Illness with the Qigong treatment and that negative thinking has much of a worse effect as mentioned by Dr. Yan. If we can recall previous articles published by various authors touching the subject of religion oppression, it is clear why many superstitious practices had to be banned by the government. They can be a danger to people as witnessed by Men Zhen and also swindle them out of their money.

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